writing these posts is steadily becoming an addiction...

there are something in life i couldn't live without, wrigleys extra chewing gum, marsbars, my bed, my laptop, ipod & friends. one friend in particular helps lighten my days and stops the from becoming an endless blur of crazed teachers talking about pussys. (don't even ask) She is unbelievably gorge, funny and needless to say lovely. There might be a screw loose somwhere, but she's always got some poor male pining after her. She is the co-creator of Skeleton 'Claude Winkleton', a fellow skins and gossip girl enthusiast, and the writer of many amazing notes. She is a wizard with an xbike, and also with a pencil crayon. She has a history with swordfish and maybe a future with lemon, but she is not always in the favor of certain geog teachers. She is the creator of a mind boggling cocktail, guaranteed to fizzle your taste buds and your brain at the same time. She also has the special talents of fitting into her hareem pants with her whole body. She is... Special. She is the S to my I and i lobbbee her.




MLIA.com. Ok it is a little bit nerdy, but it has helped me through some depressing moments... And some of them Are genuinly quite funny. Here are a few of my faves...

-Today, I was showering when I realised there were 3 razors when we only needed 1. I compared them, picked the most blunt razor, opened the shower door and threw it at the bin. It actually went in, and I turned around for a high five, and high fived the showerhead. I'm still not sure why I expected someone to be behind me while I was showering. MLIA.

- Today in class, I for some reason began to think of possible ways to get an engagement ring inside of a raw egg, as a romantic way to propose. I'm still working on that, but now I'm also wondering why I thought putting a ring inside an egg was romantic. MLIA

- Today I was in the library typing a paper. I had an itch on the side of my foot so i rubbed it against the pole of the table. After about 10 minutes I realized that the pole was actually the leg of guy sitting across from me.MLIA.

- This weekend I couldn't make it to a family reunion, so instead my parents just printed out a picture of my face and glued it to a stick. I'm in all the pictures, including one of me on a table surrounded by empty beer bottles. MLIA.

- Today, I was walking down the street trying to find Wi-Fi for my iPod. It connected to me to a network when I walked by a church. The name of it? 'Oh Blessed Internet' MLIA.

- This morning my cell phone woke me up with a text message that said, "That lovemaking was awesome." I responded back, "Congratulations, but I think you have the wrong number." The reply 10 minutes later? "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. But hey, I got some last night!!" At least one of us did, mystery texter. MLIA

- Today, I was watching the show "Friends" with subtitles. When Janice laughed, the subtitles said, "Laughs like machine gun fire." MLIA.

- Today, i found out that in the UK, a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants – even, if she so requests, in a policeman’s helmet. U.K - 1 U.S. - 0. MLIA

maybe one of these posts made you laugh... Check out the actual website... It is quite funny, or another web page called unrelated captions which can also be hilarious! Soon I shall laugh my way maniacally to oblivion...



Last Few Days!

Sat here on the mac, drinking an overly marshmallowy hot chocolate, my house is toastie warm, and i've just got a new tv (i don't like to boast but it is MASSIVE and amazing!), and these three things confirm to me that life is for this hour, good. -sigh- all the family is back in town and my house is full of life again, safe to say it has cheered me up. But as sure as i am british, as soon as i step through the ever foreboding green gates of hell, everything will descend on me again like a ton of bricks. I mean surely we should have broken up by now! it's only one week until easter! I mean sure four days isn't along time, but when you've got days that are so boring and meaningless that i would rather scrape a rusty nail through my own eyeball, four days can seem like a life time. Oh well all i can do now is sit back, pin my eyes in to my face, and rocket my way through this shortened week. Thursday we can go out get fucked and forget about it all. Thirrrsty Thursdays gonna be good, no holds barred! Set 'em up S!




did you know that 14% of men would swap their wives for robots. how fucked up is that!!!

Sometimes you can see in people what they're going to be like when they're older, whether they will reach out or settle for what they've already got. Some people are as easy to figure out as lighting a match, two or three strikes and you know exactly the way they tick. But with some people it's like reading a manual in chinese when the only writing you know is English. Why are some people so hard to figure out? I Can usually figure someone out in seconds, but however hard i try with some people i don't think i'd ever get through. Even though it annoys me when i can't work someone out, i hate the idea of someone figuring me out. and finding it easy. there is more to me than that. I hope anyway. i like the idea that no-one ever quite knows what is going on behind my eyes, and it makes them want to find out. it's wierd how quickly someone can change, there are somepeople now who i never thought i would like, and theres people who i used to love and now would gladly push of a cliff. feeling quite stressed out at the moment. in a way can't wait untill the play is over and i can sort everything out. i have no motivation for school anymore, just feel like skipping and spending the day in the woods. i can't wait until the days where i can go anywhere i want. i'm just going to dissapear for a few days.. go to scotland or something find a field and just sit. Then come back sort through all the shit i had left behind, then move to america. and never look back. i fucking hate all this shit. oh well give me four years and i'm outta here. so long and thanks for all the mother fucking fish.



a tuesday.

Well today...
got woken up, went back to sleep
got woken up, went back to sleep
got screamed at, had curtains ripped open, duvet pulled off.... finally dragged myself out of bed
dragged myself to school
spent 6 hours staring at the faces of various teachers attempting to subconsciously 'absorb' what they were droning on about, occasionally being distracted by a pen lying on the floor or a tree outside but mostly by anyone willing to talk and magically transport my mind to much more interesting conversation than a lecture on beach erosion or cumelative frequency.
walked home, caught a mild form of frost bite,
spent about 20 minutes trying to find my keys (in my hands all along)
and then FINALLY, FINALLy had the chance to snuggle into my bed plug in my headphones and let my mind wander away to a beautiful music filled world.

i'm sure i never use to listen to music, and to be honest what i did listen to could never be classed as real good stuff- the stuff that only you love or that transports you to a place or moment in time where you were perfectly happy or a song that you share with a person who means the world, maybe just a song that reminds you of a friend.

my song of the day 'Aqualung- Good Times Gonna Come'




Some Say Potato...

what makes someone good looking? I mean looks are debateable aren't they, or at least some people i know i have to seriously wonder what they find attractive about a certain person.. but what makes someone attractive? Obviously thier personality comes into play, but if we exclude that and just think of them as an image, e.g if you saw them on a street what makes you think they're hot? This is one hard question to answer, i've spent ages trying to come up with things which make someones face and body attractive. Something which probably should be obvious would be to say is 'nice features' but what is a nice feature?! Suppose this could go on forever. To me a 'Good Body' is someone who works out, isn't too skinny but neither too large and is relatively tall. But i've fallen for people who are the exact opposite! Most of the time if you have a good personality often you become more attractive to someone, and vice versa. But to be honest i'm sure everyone out there who is married would say that they are married to the most beautiful/handsome person out there, because it what you see in them that makes them good looking.

3 people that I think are pretty hot:
- Alex Watson
- Aaron Johnson
- Aml Ameen

So good luck! All who are on your quest to find the perfect man- he is out there! so never settle for less.



Plant Life

There are some people that can look similar to animals, i'm sure everyone knows someone who looks remotely like one, a fish or a dog or something, but there probably aren't many people who say they know someone with the exact personality traits of a plant. Well I do. Yes, I know someone who, in more ways than one, resembles a plant. The plant in question? A Venus Fly Trap. Honestly, they're the direct resemblance of the said plant. Here is the evidence; they draw you in will all their amazing qualitys and hotness, when underneath their ready to snap every little bit of love right out of you.. this may not be making sense, in which case, you should probably skip to the next post. I guess i always knew that i would end up back at square one.. but he always knew how to talk to me, and make me laugh, and just generally make me happy. I might sound infatuated here, which believe me i am NOT, but i'm finding hard to resist his charm! I mean this is absolutley ridiculous right, i can do better than end up with someone who resembles a plant!(cant i?) But you would be surprised, and there are things about him which i probably shouldn't find attractive but i do.. Anyway brizzle zoo was a right laugh especially when we were visiting the gorillas, but i managed to get some sketching done.. i'm seriously falling behind with all of my school work though! The easter hols are going to envolve some serious catch up time, if i'm not performing through out it... but the days are getting longer and warmer, and at least that aspect of things gives me something to live for. Second bridge coming up... don't know whether i can really be bothered though.. i mean i'm kindof cringing about the last one, even though i'll probably have a good night, the only thing influencing me to go is that R.W might go which would be fun! It would be pretty difficult to drink though.. and i would have to go straight after drama so i would be absolutley ker-nackerd. Oh well thats a long way off. for now lets enjoy the present, or as much of it as we can.


Song of the week, Feeling Good - Muse.

Why tentacles are never a good thing.

Well by now as an avid reader of our excellent blog, i'm sure you would love to know a little bit more about the characters so i'll introduce you to jellyfish as star and i first meet it.

You see readers, as a young fish in the ocean we all know and love, it never stood out as an especially amazing, lovely or important fish so it grew long stinging tentacles beneath its velvety hood that many other fish found mesmerizing and rather lovely especially star. Star and jelly soon became the best of friends sharing everything as if nothing could stop them, through their fights their friendship still persevered and they connected in a way many other fish never understood. 
Star refused to believe that the fishy loved they shared would last if they stopped being fishy friends and shared instead more than just fishy friendship but beautiful coral together. But sadly jellyfish wanted to share beautiful coral together with star so very badly indeed.
After waiting and waiting Jelly fish decided to give up on star, but star still somehow managed to withstand the pain of keeping hold of those stinging tentacles for she had realized just how much coral they should share. She didn't realize how much she could love until she was loosing it. Then one fateful day as stars fingers could hold on no longer Pea decided to help relieve the pain. Pea helped jelly free himself from Star. So Star could never see that beautiful Jellyfish again.
Millions of years on Star still sees the jellyfish as he floats on by. He seems lonely now as there is no one holding his tentacles, but being the stubborn jellyfish he had become he can not find it in his lonely jellyfish heart to acknowledge poor star and does not seem to remember how he once told star that "if you ever need someone i am here and you need to know how much of a special and loved star you are". 

Now dear reader you are probably wondering as star is too where is he now. Well the answer to that is sadly another question... Why grow tentacles when all they do is hurt?