Thats A Wrap!

So, if your wondering why we haven't blogged in a while, then.. weell, heres the thing.. we've moved. Yes 'Keep it Unreal has moved to wordpress. This blog will keep running however, and we will post on it, just less regularly... The word press blog isn't compleatly finished yet, so we'll keep you posted, same with our up coming website.. exiting times! Hope Y'all have a dandy summer,



Just a Quicky

Now i don't want to sound superficial, but we are all allowed a bit of eye candy once in a while?

Check it ooooooout!



Why does it always rain on me?

Don't get me wrong- a little bit of rain isn't bad for old Brittania, and I'm sure all those west country farmers are loving it. But tommorow is St. Swithins day, and I should my mothers supersticious theorys become a reality, then we are...screwed. Not to mention, very very wet. So this is a plea to the person in the sky: no rain tommorow thankyou. (I say person, but I'm not ruling that there could be some other creature up their watching over us- if any, but c'mon what's the likelyhood of planet earth being in the controlling mind of a giant Tuna? well probably as likely as a man with a beard, but, let's not go into that...) there's no news of the shop to relay to you today, exept that someone came in and donated a £500 cheque! Snaps for cancer research uk!

As a post script, I would have taken off my left arm to go and see the Viktor & Rolf a/w catwalk, looked amazing! And yay clinche waists are back, and if anyones looking to get me a verrry early b-day pres the Micheal Kors high heeled hiking boots are to die for.
I also love Caleb Followhill even more after is interview in 'Q'. (he would be nice wrapped up too...)

Song of the week: Arctic Monkeys - Still Take You Home. An oldie but I can't stop listening.



I Will Survive! (not)

Well, one thing I've taken from my day is that I never, EVER want to hear Didos - 'thankyou' again. ever. I hit this wall after the 15th time of listening to it, and the rest of the songs that were one of the songs on the ever repeated power ballads album exlusive to the shop. I don't know the names of the other songs that befall that ear-plugging album, but the list of artists included , Gloria Gaynor, Tina Turner and Elvis (you can start to get the atmosphere)... Why oh why do they not change the album? Am I the only one who wants to kill Tom Jones at the sound of his voice now? Roll of thunder hear my cry! Oh well, best buckle up and keep my head down cos that album will be playing on repeat for the next three days. Infact probably for the next 10 years... Thank god I'm leaving on Friday. I wonder if I can come out with a full head of hair?



Aren't You A Beauty?

was today?... Come on children don't be shy!...yes-you in the corner with the unmistakably yellow hair?... That's right! This week is 'Work Experiance'!

What can be gained from working in a charity shop? Alot, apparently. It has made me realise that to volunteer to work there really is amazing. The personal gain you get from working there is the feeling that you might be making someone life that little bit better, knowing that you could have either benifited them through the money made by the charity or the actual shop. Aside from the the good feeling, they get absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Neither is the job easy, most of the volunteers at cancer research uk have been affected in some way by Cancer, and boy is it hard work. I must of burnt off atleast have my weight In body fat having gone up those ridiculous four flights of stairs about 20 times. They deal with every type of person in there- and nearly every day something of value gets stolen. I never took into account of time and effort is takes to go through peoples shit to find something worth putting on the shop floor, as so many people seem to think that charity shop = rubbish collector. Why, I ask you WHY? Would they want your odd unwashed socks? Or all your broken appliances? Why?! Yet occasionally you do find some amazing items in and amongst soneones 'rubbish', such as a diamond engagement ring, or a vintage mulberry bag. Charity shops are essentially robin hood, the workers/volunteers thier not always merry men. Charity shops I take my hat off to you, for making this dirty little circle, less of a shambles. Especially cancer research uk. Yous lot are truly amazing.



Big Fat Slice Of Happy

It's the end of the week, but you probably know that already. In fact you probably know it overly well because you've been repeating the words over and over in your head, to try and get you past the hours of working day and into the luxurious evening. Lazy summer evenings... Aren't they the BEST?! Sitting outside, sipping your favorite beverage and soaking up those last few rays of sunlight until the beautiful star pops off to pay the other side of our circle a visit. For now there is no work- just play, and between you and me, if all goes to plan, this weekend should be one to remember. So now, for whatever tasks you need to complete, whatever visits you need to pay, whatever money you need to spend, whatever exercise you need to achieve, whatever love you need to admit, go about it with gusto! 'Cos I tell you what chaps, the fiery ball is shining, and there is enough beer and love to go round. Grab all the chances you can with all your fingers and thumbs, and take a juicy bite out of them- you only get the chance once, don't live to regret. However undeniably for many of you, you return to the work place on monday. where the week begins again. The clock hands move slower. You count down the 432,000 seconds until. you. are. free. again. But enough of that, the weekend is here so enjoy it while it lasts. I, am off on Work Experience. Wish me luck! And i wish you luck on getting through the weekend, without too much Drama, Tears, Awkwardness, and Hangovers, Have Fun! As a parting gift, i shall give you a big fat slice of Happy and send you on your very jolly way. Remember to lick the plate clean!
Slice Of Happy!



we can dream....

Is it really that bad that I sort of fancy a pirate a.k.a Mr Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?

okay perhaps i don't fancy him.... more want to be him

You see, its perhaps the boredom of being so close to the end of term but the days going even slower than ever that are driving me INSANE... the lure of care free dreadlocks and a relaxed drunken swagger are slowly sucking me into the world of a ten year old boy imagining the excitement of swordfights and commandeering ships in my mind.
What i would give to escape 'video lessons' (the end of term classes when work is done and you watch the same 40 minutes of the same film because the teacher cant really be bothered either) and to join Mr Sparrow in a snazzy red headband and sail away, robbing doubloons from the rich and firing cannons into the enemy......

but seeing as i have no pirate friends looks like i'm stuck here until one finds me...

So Mr Pirate i'm here S.O.S!