The Slightly Unordinary

So as we wave farewell to Year 11 and on to new (and hopefully better) horizons, there was really only one send off which needs to be noted. Prom, here are a few photos from our sometimes glamourous, mostly not so glamourous prom. 

and now for a whirl-wind summer, filled with wok's of woe, camping craziness and musical wonder!



Speedy Specs update

In love with the karen walker Willy Wonka look! Seems my summer eyewear is sorted... now for the rest of my wardrobe, where to start.....


I scream for icecream...

I guess to any of our avid fans, (I may of course be addressing no one here) you may have been following the handy little timer counting down the days till S and I's summer freedom and if you have been watching closely you may now know the time has come and the world of exam halls and indeed compulsory education is now behind us!!
Celebrations have indeed been ensuing with leavers prom last night - an excuse to dress right up and in my case get sprayed oompa loompa style for an evening of less than delicious school catering but definite hilarity (pre-prom drinks were key to the fun).
Not only formal celebrations but mini self congratulations were needed so, without the need to squeeze into a prom dress, I threw caution to the wind and splashed out on a tub of good ol' Haagan Daz ice cream... nicely polished off in its entirety in approximately 10 minutes flat..... but when you have cause for celebration there should be no opportunities wasted!
Ice cream binges or mad drunken dancing, I say we deserve it!



Plaits of procrastination....

From the designers who brought us lucky fashion stalkers the only place to shop for florals, Erdem have upped the style stakes by bringing not only the most feminine of dresses (no doubt you too are cooing at this red beaut below) but with the wispy romantic halo plaits to match, it seems summer (for those who can afford the price tag) is sorted.

From festivals to beaches its safe to say the plait is 2011's hair saver, sweeping up those sun kissed locks and taming stray split ends into a woven halo. Though it looks pretty effortless, i may hastily add my first rather shoddy attempt below did take a long while to twist into place but with a whole summer ahead of me, who knows i may master it... eventually.