Another Galaxy

I came across this amazing film by Terje Sorgjerd whilst browsing the inter web and for some reason, seeing this wide open expanse of beautiful sky and land, made me realise how tiny we are in the great scheme of things, and the problems I see as great obstacles in my life, are really not even a blip on the radar... watch the film here, but here are some snapshots.

I am actually in love with the night sky, stars, nebulae and galaxies alike. so it comes as no surprise that I'm also in love with these leggings from black milk... i've also made a mix, the fruit of my deep thought.



feeling hot hot hot....

I thought seeing as winter seems to be drawing to a close (touch wood anyway) that I should post the last few wintery photos from an amazing trip skiing in france so readers enjoy the sights of snow and ice before sunshine finally arrives!