One small step for man...

Slowly falling more in love with all things spacey.
Black milk galaxy line - literally my dream wardrobe but low budget nebula nails will have to do for now...

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Splash of Colour

So, as you can see, star and I went a little bit colour crazy, and re-visited the psychedelic sixties and ombre'd our hair! I went for pink, and star went for bluey-green. It's only semi-perminant so should be all gone by the end of aug, but i've become rather attached to my new colour crazy barnet, and might re-do once it has faded! A definite recommendation to someone who is unsure whether to take the plunge, go for it! It will wash out eventually anyway, and we all need a few psychedelic vibes every once in a while... It was also the perfect hair for our weekend spent at Camp Bestival which was absolutely AMAZING and has given me a new love for old school hip-hop, and beat boxing. I wish i was able to do what beardyman can do, but i just know that i would fail horribly and end up accidentally spitting all over someone who was stupid enough to listen.. i'll let you know how that one turns out!

p.s we used stargazer semi-permanent hair dye, and it was fantastic!