Plant Life

There are some people that can look similar to animals, i'm sure everyone knows someone who looks remotely like one, a fish or a dog or something, but there probably aren't many people who say they know someone with the exact personality traits of a plant. Well I do. Yes, I know someone who, in more ways than one, resembles a plant. The plant in question? A Venus Fly Trap. Honestly, they're the direct resemblance of the said plant. Here is the evidence; they draw you in will all their amazing qualitys and hotness, when underneath their ready to snap every little bit of love right out of you.. this may not be making sense, in which case, you should probably skip to the next post. I guess i always knew that i would end up back at square one.. but he always knew how to talk to me, and make me laugh, and just generally make me happy. I might sound infatuated here, which believe me i am NOT, but i'm finding hard to resist his charm! I mean this is absolutley ridiculous right, i can do better than end up with someone who resembles a plant!(cant i?) But you would be surprised, and there are things about him which i probably shouldn't find attractive but i do.. Anyway brizzle zoo was a right laugh especially when we were visiting the gorillas, but i managed to get some sketching done.. i'm seriously falling behind with all of my school work though! The easter hols are going to envolve some serious catch up time, if i'm not performing through out it... but the days are getting longer and warmer, and at least that aspect of things gives me something to live for. Second bridge coming up... don't know whether i can really be bothered though.. i mean i'm kindof cringing about the last one, even though i'll probably have a good night, the only thing influencing me to go is that R.W might go which would be fun! It would be pretty difficult to drink though.. and i would have to go straight after drama so i would be absolutley ker-nackerd. Oh well thats a long way off. for now lets enjoy the present, or as much of it as we can.


Song of the week, Feeling Good - Muse.

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