Why tentacles are never a good thing.

Well by now as an avid reader of our excellent blog, i'm sure you would love to know a little bit more about the characters so i'll introduce you to jellyfish as star and i first meet it.

You see readers, as a young fish in the ocean we all know and love, it never stood out as an especially amazing, lovely or important fish so it grew long stinging tentacles beneath its velvety hood that many other fish found mesmerizing and rather lovely especially star. Star and jelly soon became the best of friends sharing everything as if nothing could stop them, through their fights their friendship still persevered and they connected in a way many other fish never understood. 
Star refused to believe that the fishy loved they shared would last if they stopped being fishy friends and shared instead more than just fishy friendship but beautiful coral together. But sadly jellyfish wanted to share beautiful coral together with star so very badly indeed.
After waiting and waiting Jelly fish decided to give up on star, but star still somehow managed to withstand the pain of keeping hold of those stinging tentacles for she had realized just how much coral they should share. She didn't realize how much she could love until she was loosing it. Then one fateful day as stars fingers could hold on no longer Pea decided to help relieve the pain. Pea helped jelly free himself from Star. So Star could never see that beautiful Jellyfish again.
Millions of years on Star still sees the jellyfish as he floats on by. He seems lonely now as there is no one holding his tentacles, but being the stubborn jellyfish he had become he can not find it in his lonely jellyfish heart to acknowledge poor star and does not seem to remember how he once told star that "if you ever need someone i am here and you need to know how much of a special and loved star you are". 

Now dear reader you are probably wondering as star is too where is he now. Well the answer to that is sadly another question... Why grow tentacles when all they do is hurt?


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