did you know that 14% of men would swap their wives for robots. how fucked up is that!!!

Sometimes you can see in people what they're going to be like when they're older, whether they will reach out or settle for what they've already got. Some people are as easy to figure out as lighting a match, two or three strikes and you know exactly the way they tick. But with some people it's like reading a manual in chinese when the only writing you know is English. Why are some people so hard to figure out? I Can usually figure someone out in seconds, but however hard i try with some people i don't think i'd ever get through. Even though it annoys me when i can't work someone out, i hate the idea of someone figuring me out. and finding it easy. there is more to me than that. I hope anyway. i like the idea that no-one ever quite knows what is going on behind my eyes, and it makes them want to find out. it's wierd how quickly someone can change, there are somepeople now who i never thought i would like, and theres people who i used to love and now would gladly push of a cliff. feeling quite stressed out at the moment. in a way can't wait untill the play is over and i can sort everything out. i have no motivation for school anymore, just feel like skipping and spending the day in the woods. i can't wait until the days where i can go anywhere i want. i'm just going to dissapear for a few days.. go to scotland or something find a field and just sit. Then come back sort through all the shit i had left behind, then move to america. and never look back. i fucking hate all this shit. oh well give me four years and i'm outta here. so long and thanks for all the mother fucking fish.


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