Half Way...

Hello All,
So this is our half way point, i am officially half way though my summer 2010.. on an up note however i am off to corfu on friday! Waheeey, first time on a plane! I know it is a bit odd.. just never had the oppotunity to go on one! At least i have a pretty low carbon footprint! So I assume you've all been having an amazing summer filled with drinking,  swimming, and late night lovin'? I i have... kindof.. well exclude the last.. unless you count being kissed by a drunken man next to a portaloo.. (i was at endorset in dorset last weekend) and i suppose swimming should be taken off my list as well.. but i will be soon- next week in corfu we have a pool where we are staying- and it's right next the sea! Zoooop! One thing i have realised is that vodka jellies really are very nice. Endorset was bloooody brilliant, can't wait to go back next year!
That it from me, see you when i'm no longer pasty white but a gorgeous grecian brown!