writing these posts is steadily becoming an addiction...

there are something in life i couldn't live without, wrigleys extra chewing gum, marsbars, my bed, my laptop, ipod & friends. one friend in particular helps lighten my days and stops the from becoming an endless blur of crazed teachers talking about pussys. (don't even ask) She is unbelievably gorge, funny and needless to say lovely. There might be a screw loose somwhere, but she's always got some poor male pining after her. She is the co-creator of Skeleton 'Claude Winkleton', a fellow skins and gossip girl enthusiast, and the writer of many amazing notes. She is a wizard with an xbike, and also with a pencil crayon. She has a history with swordfish and maybe a future with lemon, but she is not always in the favor of certain geog teachers. She is the creator of a mind boggling cocktail, guaranteed to fizzle your taste buds and your brain at the same time. She also has the special talents of fitting into her hareem pants with her whole body. She is... Special. She is the S to my I and i lobbbee her.


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