MLIA.com. Ok it is a little bit nerdy, but it has helped me through some depressing moments... And some of them Are genuinly quite funny. Here are a few of my faves...

-Today, I was showering when I realised there were 3 razors when we only needed 1. I compared them, picked the most blunt razor, opened the shower door and threw it at the bin. It actually went in, and I turned around for a high five, and high fived the showerhead. I'm still not sure why I expected someone to be behind me while I was showering. MLIA.

- Today in class, I for some reason began to think of possible ways to get an engagement ring inside of a raw egg, as a romantic way to propose. I'm still working on that, but now I'm also wondering why I thought putting a ring inside an egg was romantic. MLIA

- Today I was in the library typing a paper. I had an itch on the side of my foot so i rubbed it against the pole of the table. After about 10 minutes I realized that the pole was actually the leg of guy sitting across from me.MLIA.

- This weekend I couldn't make it to a family reunion, so instead my parents just printed out a picture of my face and glued it to a stick. I'm in all the pictures, including one of me on a table surrounded by empty beer bottles. MLIA.

- Today, I was walking down the street trying to find Wi-Fi for my iPod. It connected to me to a network when I walked by a church. The name of it? 'Oh Blessed Internet' MLIA.

- This morning my cell phone woke me up with a text message that said, "That lovemaking was awesome." I responded back, "Congratulations, but I think you have the wrong number." The reply 10 minutes later? "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. But hey, I got some last night!!" At least one of us did, mystery texter. MLIA

- Today, I was watching the show "Friends" with subtitles. When Janice laughed, the subtitles said, "Laughs like machine gun fire." MLIA.

- Today, i found out that in the UK, a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants – even, if she so requests, in a policeman’s helmet. U.K - 1 U.S. - 0. MLIA

maybe one of these posts made you laugh... Check out the actual website... It is quite funny, or another web page called unrelated captions which can also be hilarious! Soon I shall laugh my way maniacally to oblivion...


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