Water Lover

Ok,  so alot of the recent posts have been about guys, but just think of our blog as somewhere you can get your daily fix... i'm sorry to say that this post isn't going to be any different. 

Have you ever heard of Tom Daley? Ya know, the Olympian, World, European, and Commonwealth champion diver? Umm.. Him? 

I think i'm in actual heaven. 

OK time for me to shut up before i start sounding obsessive.. and leave you time to goggle at him. 
Oh he's on twitter by the way if your feeling especially needy



Breaking News....

Just found a recipe for brownies you can make completely in the microwave,

Yes, you heard correctly, COMPLETELY thats like 2 minutes of work for a whole melty chocolate brownie and while those wintery evenings freeze those of us who cannot afford the gorgeous cashmere All Saints scarves, we have to suffice to warming chocolaty treats instead.....

So brownies it is, bring on the hot chocolates, mochas and anything freshly baked and delicious

Forget the calories, its winter and thats what oversized knitwear is for, no bikinis to try and squeeze into just those forgiving layers that embrace the treats freezing weather forces us to enjoy.... mmmmmm

so i'm off to try out the recipe, will report back when i've tested it... perhaps a few times over.



My Oh My...

Thought I would dedicate this post to the hunk that is Zac Efron. I can't say that i've been on this bandwagon for long, i was never caught up in the High School Musical hype, but my love for him has been steadily increasing from '17 again' to his new feature 'Charlie St.Cloud'. Now i can't say much for the film, but the money spent was worth it to just to witness him on the screen. Came across these few bad boy snapshots, and thought i would share them with you... they're from interview magazine,

Yes i know, it is unfair. 



Driving Test

Along the road that is life, you will come across some speed bumps which, if you didn't spot before leaping over, might be mistaken for mowing down an elderly victim. So with you heart racing, you nervously peer into the rear mirror to meet your fate until you realise in fact, that it was just a speed bump. Although it might take you longer in life to work out. 

Some pretty hard hitting incidents occurred last week, some more welcome than others, but as is the way with things you don't like, you just have to lump it, and keep driving. Despite not feeling in the best of places at the moment i can't let myself disregard the things i do have, just to lust over the things i don't.

In any case, i still seem to be helping my self to chocolate cake even though it probably wont benefit me in the long run, just because it makes me feel good. i turn to you my fellow jury, why shouldn't i have a little bit of excitement? As long as no body gets hurt. 

Lets hope that was a speed bump. 



Blame it on the weatherman....

Hey you!!

Yes you with your neatly tightened tie and nicely pressed suit, just sending a message to all you weathermen/ladies out there.... you see it seems the weather where i am is absolutely CRAZY!!

One second its beautifully sunshiny so i skip outside in a bikini then the next its subzero and torrential rain!

So Please, Please mr/mrs weather-person help me out here, all I'm asking is for a nice prediction of ONE weather type a day so i can prepare a little and don't have to resort to buying a new umbrella each time for those un-expected downpours (currently there are at least 7 of these last minute brollys residing in my room, and by my count thats 7 too many!!)

Yours sincerely,

A rather disgruntled star