Golden Delicious

Half term. I'm sat here, in my bed, its half eleven British time, and I'm eating an overly unripe orange. I'm not wrong when i say life is good. True, we only have a week, and half of that week is going to be spent revising, and working, but C'est la vie. I've only just returned from watching 'Sex and the City 2' and it is brilliant. Sure, it's full of obvious jokes, sexual innuendos, and fashion disasters- but isn't that what we love? We being Women. I'm not speaking for every woman on the planet here, nor every man, but there's something in these sexy romantic comedies which really hit the spot. I love them, and I'm into most genres of cinema. I love just sitting down with my girl friends, and watching something which isn't there to change your opinion on something, or to make you ask deep philosophical questions, just something which makes you feel good. There's something so heartwarming about that. Above all of that, it rings home to me how much i want to live in New York. To live that life, with the only trouble of your day, being whether to wear Chanel or YSL to work. To live in the penthouse apartment, with the man of your dreams, and a chocolate Labrador puppy. -Sigh- I'm not naive enough to know that it's going to be that simple, but i know that New York is where I'm going to live, whether i have to climb my way up the socialite ladder or not. 'American Dream' i suppose. But as soon as i step through the airport checkout in the big US of A, I'll know that I'm home. Besides, I've always loved apples.



My dog ate the part of my brain with all the history in it so sorry but I can't do the exam.

Well, this afternoon has probably been my most unproductive afternoon in a while- which is worrying seeing as i have a history mock exam tomorrow which i should be revising for, but instead am just procrastinating, using websites such as YouTube and Urban Dictionary to fuel my procrastination. I even looked up the word in the Urban Dictionary and it explained to me that it is what teenagers do when they don't want to do their homework. Another helpful persons definition example told me,

Procrastination - what you're doing right now. get the fuck off and finish your work. "why are you even reading this? you're wasting time. go do some work. now. no more procrastinating."

ouch, the truth hurts... the usually more civilised wikipedia explained to me that "procrastinating might be a sign of an underlying psychological disorder" ?! Ahem...

after all this undeniably pointless investigation, i should probably get back to the ins and the outs of the cold war.... or i could just continue procrastinating...

i wonder whats on TV?


as an afterthought my mother entered my room shortly after writing the above to enquire whether or not that i was knuckling down to history, i replied that i was procrastinating, and after little deliberation she answered, No, your just lazy.



Finally summer is here, the sun is out so legs are too and unfortunately the wrinkly pasty body parts of those older members of society who still believe they have a right to park their bodies beneath the sun with EVERYTHING hanging out for ANYONE to see! In true british style, isn't it lovely.....

Also along with summer comes the sticky ice creamy hands and thick layers of suntan lotion and those unwanted sweat patches appearing at the most unfortunate of times.
But summer does bring that sense of being in a great movie where the light is so beautiful, music sounds so much better, warm evenings blend into days and romance is always on the cards, so fellow bloggers, its time to fold away last seasons sweaters and bring out the sandals and sunglasses.

Its simply a question of how long you can last until you burn in true lobster style....
Have fun



In Stars Crib

Askeys' Treat Caramel Sauce is, quite possibly the best thing ever invented. Originally intented to be used on ice cream, it has been discovered to have been, just as good if not better on its own- or perhaps with a glass of semi-simmed. However on our part it was only after we finished the once full bottle, that we both remembered the meals that were awaiting us in half an hour, and the calorie intake of 1355 which is now resting on our armpits, bums & tums. So you would think that this out burst is something that we would both regret? The answer is... well i want to say yes... but... No. I can safely say that  don't regret even one little drop of that ridiculously calorific sugary caramely sauce. Shameful Isn't It.. 



Hello Cameron

So that's it then we enter into a new era of politics, Gordy's stepping down and Dave's going to to jump into the light forming a coalition, with long legged cleggy weggy. (see Russell Howard's Good News- BBC iplayer) I'm exited that the next time there is an election I will be able to vote! There's been maj controversy within the school walls, between the supporters of different parties, I like to think my self a pretty open minded person, but some people just don't seem to understand that their point of view isn't the only one! I understand how you can find politics boring, but you have to be a little bit interested- it annoys me when people say they couldn't care less, i know we can't have any effect on it now, but at the end of the day, the election is going to determine who will be at the head of our country for the next 4-5 years! And whatever policies they put into play they will affect us either for better or worse. The weekend was eventful, but whatever the outcome, it will be fine. Just follow the word of Brandon Flowers. "Everything will be alright"



a lesson to be learned.

The thong  (thông, thng)
1. A narrow strip, as of leather, used for binding or lashing.
2. A whip of plaited leather or cord.
3. A sandal held on the foot by a strip that fits between the first and second toes and is connected to a strap usually passing over the top or around the sides of the foot.
4. A garment for the lower body that exposes the buttocks, consisting of a narrow strip of fabric that passes between the thighs supported by a waistband.

or 5......
a genius invention although not to be worn for more than 12 hours incase of serious embarrassment (see below)

Now fellow bloggers perhaps this is a time to explain ourselves you may be a one time wearer, devoted thongest or perhaps a thong virgin but perhaps before you don the afore mentioned item again feel free to read this little story about a friend and her experience of this precarious item.... 

"it's not like i have a full on ghetto booty or a surgically enhanced behind but with a larger than most derriere, it is a common thing to be seeing more of my underwear than a member of the public would like when wearing anything tighter than linen... therefore when the time came and thongs were on sale i figured why not try one its claims to enhancing my behind were simply irresistible... the results were at first amazing no VPL for me and goodbye to granny pants, it all seemed so perfect. weeks went by and  i had mastered the every-now-and-then-wear of the thong but then i decided to push my luck.... (here dear readers we must cut the story short but in summary - you CANNOT spend over a day brisk walking in such an item and ONLY the removal of such item will result in comfort...  do NOT attempt to maneuver this strip of fabric around its allocated area especially when elderly people can see those suspicious fumblings in the middle of the road when everything has simply grown too uncomfortable to bear)"

This is a word of warning .... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME !