a tuesday.

Well today...
got woken up, went back to sleep
got woken up, went back to sleep
got screamed at, had curtains ripped open, duvet pulled off.... finally dragged myself out of bed
dragged myself to school
spent 6 hours staring at the faces of various teachers attempting to subconsciously 'absorb' what they were droning on about, occasionally being distracted by a pen lying on the floor or a tree outside but mostly by anyone willing to talk and magically transport my mind to much more interesting conversation than a lecture on beach erosion or cumelative frequency.
walked home, caught a mild form of frost bite,
spent about 20 minutes trying to find my keys (in my hands all along)
and then FINALLY, FINALLy had the chance to snuggle into my bed plug in my headphones and let my mind wander away to a beautiful music filled world.

i'm sure i never use to listen to music, and to be honest what i did listen to could never be classed as real good stuff- the stuff that only you love or that transports you to a place or moment in time where you were perfectly happy or a song that you share with a person who means the world, maybe just a song that reminds you of a friend.

my song of the day 'Aqualung- Good Times Gonna Come'



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