I've got that Christmas feelin'

Appropriate for how I am feeling this week, I think! If only it was actually this easy.

So how're y'all feeling this week? Britain is slowly descending back in to our rainy, inside-out-umbrella windy, and f-f-freezing nation that we all know and not so much love. But on the upside, it does mean that we are clawing our way nearer to Christmas- my favourite time of year. There is nothing like snuggling down into the sofa, watching an every year chrimbo classic on the ol' box, with the homely and calming glow of the Christmas tree in your peripheral vision. Real of course!
so as the leaves blow from the trees and we begin wearing two pairs of tights to school, i'm going to leave you, to adorn my wooliest socks and have a cup of cinnamon hot choc, (add a pinch of cinnamon when your next making your regular- divine. ta to S for that beauty of an idea!)

I will leave you with a slice of musical joy.

Roscoe - Midlake



surprise surprise....

As a musical novice since about a year ago, I'd never have thought being squished into a sweaty crowd of excitable adolescents was really "my scene" however oh my god..... last night ....

I urge anyone reading this to pretend they don't love surprises but presented with tickets to an amazing gig, in my case the mystery jets you cant pretend you wouldn't love it like i did, however much coffee I had to drink to keep me alive at school today!

so song of the week of course the mystery jets 'show me the light' but also a winner in the support act, a really amazing newcomer 'South Pacific' by Is tribal, I challange you not to love it!