Last Few Days!

Sat here on the mac, drinking an overly marshmallowy hot chocolate, my house is toastie warm, and i've just got a new tv (i don't like to boast but it is MASSIVE and amazing!), and these three things confirm to me that life is for this hour, good. -sigh- all the family is back in town and my house is full of life again, safe to say it has cheered me up. But as sure as i am british, as soon as i step through the ever foreboding green gates of hell, everything will descend on me again like a ton of bricks. I mean surely we should have broken up by now! it's only one week until easter! I mean sure four days isn't along time, but when you've got days that are so boring and meaningless that i would rather scrape a rusty nail through my own eyeball, four days can seem like a life time. Oh well all i can do now is sit back, pin my eyes in to my face, and rocket my way through this shortened week. Thursday we can go out get fucked and forget about it all. Thirrrsty Thursdays gonna be good, no holds barred! Set 'em up S!


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