The Last Friday of April 2010

Hello residents of the world! On this cheerily grey day I thought i would say HELLO! to you all, partly because i want to and partly because i have nothing better to do with my time. Yes i should have been at school today, but what is school, if not a brick prison where they cram your brain with un-useful and potentially brain washing info from a lot of sex starved middle aged men and women?! eh? eh?! yeah yeah school is important but i've been every other day this week, so when it came to the option of slogging through school in the rain with a load of hormonal teenagers, or sitting in my own sanctuary place, watching Zach Braff and eating apples, i chose the   latter. Apples by the way have become my new addiction, they are just so crunchay... I've been watching a film called 'The Last Kiss' Starring Zach Braff hence my previous mention, but it's so good! It was released in 2006 and follows the life of one man and his choices. No pre-conceptions here thankyou! Check it out! A romance that will break your heart. Another film reccy, 'Dear John' recently released, and absolutley brill, watch it if only to goggle at Channing Tatum. MAN! That guys body is carved out of marble. But be warned it will probably make you cry, unless you have a heart of stone, so take tissues, (it's not out on DVD yet) ... So we are in for a long weekend it should seem, and tuesday we head down to the beach with geoggers. Hope you all enjoy your bank hol, where ever you are in England, - Do you get them abroad? I'm not sure.. Ohh click on this link it's a song... bit depressing, but so good!

Paperweight - Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk



Belgium '10

Here are a few photos of the Expedition,


Flower in the trenches,Crosses, Thru the wire.


Belgium '10

I'm writing this from my nest, a week after we have returned home, so don't go thinking that this is a live feed, but if i had to describe our trip in three words they would be, Emotional, Enthralling, Fascinating. Having said that there are about a thousand other words i could use to describe Belgium and our trip... Here is the account of our first day, i'm sorry i don't have anything about the second day i didn't get round to writing it. And so we begin.

22nd April 2010

We picked up our guides in Maidestone, Kent, and after travelling through the tunnel and across france we first headed for a place called Poperinge. Here our guides first started to give us little talks when we were driving along. Poperinge was where all the soldiers went to find whatever rest they could from the front line, before being carted back out there. We headed on past a place called 'hellfire crossing' to Sanctuary Wood, which is where we made our first stop. After lunch we walked through the small museum out to the second line trenches, we were able to walk through them. I found it ridiculous to comprehend that these trenches were used in war fare, and that this area was filled with the memories of all those soldiers. It was horribly peaceful. They weren't tha deep my head still poked out over the top, and under the little corrugated iron tunnels were row upon rows of little rememberance crosses. After wandering around for a bit, Andrew (Our guide) explained to us the details of trench war-fare, and how the trenches would've been run and occupied. Despite finding it interesting I couldn't connect with it, and found it quite surreal. We got back onto the coach and travelled into Ypres, the countryside was beautiful, i couldn't get over how flat it was! There was so much space! The buildings contrasted really well with the landscape, as most of them were really modern bungalows. They were really well built, and quite scandinavien looking. When we reached Ypres we travelled through the 'Lille' Gate and came into the town. We travelled through and reached the town hall, it was the most stunning building, absolutely massive! Cathederal looking, having been bombed ing the 1st World War, it was rebuilt brick by brick taking them over 50 years. In one section of the building was the 'Flanders Fields museum', we spent about 45 mins looking around, it was similar architecturally to the rest of Belgium; modern mixed with old, put together incredibly well. There were really good films, images and sculptures through-out the museum, also artifacts, memoribilia and personal accounts. Some of it was quite frightening and moving. The way they planned it was like a story, taking you from the beggining to the end of the 1st World War.
When we left the museum, we headed for a place called 'Essex Farm'- a memorial place just behind the front lines, with an underground dressing station. We stood outside the dressing station which was like a bunker, and Andrew explained about the medical side to the war. This was where John McCrae was posted as a doctor, He is the writer of the famous wartime poem 'In Flanders Fields'. We we given the chance to walk through the graves and it was quite emotional. We were told about two soldiers graves, one of which was just 15, who had already been in the war for a year by the time he died, and another soldier who was a sniper, and was awarded the Victoria Cross.
We all piled back onto the coach and travelled to a German Memorial Place called 'Langemarck' another modern design, but less decorative the the British graves, with no flowers. There are over 200,000 men most unknown buried there, compared to the 2,000 buried at Essex Farm. It was quite eerie and perturbing how Hitler made a speech there when he was Furher. We travelled on to Tyne Cot, a Massive Memorial site. It was oddly beautiful looking out over the thousands of rows of headstones glistning in the sunlight. I was the most beautiful place i have ever been, but also the most upsetting. I burst into tears looking out across them all, as it hit home how devestating this was, and how POINTLESS.
We Travelled back into Ypres, and dined at a restauraunt called 'Vivaldi' we were served with a whole chicken! and chips. After visting the choclate shop, we paid visit to the Menin Gate. It was the 95th anniversary of the first use of gas warfare, and Sophie, Alex and I were honoured with laying the wreath! We met the ambassador of canada and some other important people- once in a lifetime op! The hotel was nice, and after a bit of fun and games we retired to sleep.

Phew. That was alot, hope you enjoyed, make sure you go there if you have a chance.

Song of the week: Neon Trees - Animal





Finally we are back in blighty after an amazing trip to the battle fields of Ypres and the Somme other than the crazy whole chickens we were served up to eat and the 40 minute memorial speach we had to stand through (may i remind you it was in belgian- not a language i understand!) the trip was pretty amazing!!

Ill let 'I' give you all the details later but i need to get back to my lovely lemon and a rather tempting stack of belgian chocolates.....



i hate snails.

bonjour bloggers
zis is your excellent amie madame star speaking!
who is curently bored out of e'r mind wiz zis french oral work!

who thought up exams in the first place? who ever it is needs a punishing!! i'm pretty sure i am likely to punch the next person who mentions the dreaded REVISION word! it is simply a social life ruiner seeing as i am stuck at home trying to drum french phrases into my head instead of enjoying the few days of sunlight that Bath recieves! ah well with certain lemon flavoured distractions and the prospect of a few excellent nights out i should be able to bear this hardship until the 30th of april when this exam is all over.... only for millions more to start.

ah Merde.



Goodbye Cowboy

Oh the Deadwood stage is a-rollin' off over the plains...

Tonights the last night of 'Calamity Jane', it's been such a good run and i'm going to miss everyone so much. The next play begins on the 19th though, but that's only a short one. However tonight will be a night to remember! Across the other side of town from second bridge, which untill late tonight the 'party hard' S will be attending, another party will be unfolding at 10.30 this very evening. At a certain someones house in Larkhall, no holds barred, everyone will be drinking themselves silly on Sasperily or in our case vodka and orange... So thats something to look forward to, it has been the talk of the town who will pair up, but one things for sure there will be alot going down tonight! Then Looking to a week ahead, we might have a history mock, but that wont discourage sprits as on the 22nd we head off to belgium! A trip for the RASers which surely will not be forgotten. Before that need i even mention, 2 parties coming up that will add a certain sparkle to our weekend! So then we've both got alot of eventfull days and nights coming up, but as for this evening, i think its simply a question of who will fall over first?