Some Say Potato...

what makes someone good looking? I mean looks are debateable aren't they, or at least some people i know i have to seriously wonder what they find attractive about a certain person.. but what makes someone attractive? Obviously thier personality comes into play, but if we exclude that and just think of them as an image, e.g if you saw them on a street what makes you think they're hot? This is one hard question to answer, i've spent ages trying to come up with things which make someones face and body attractive. Something which probably should be obvious would be to say is 'nice features' but what is a nice feature?! Suppose this could go on forever. To me a 'Good Body' is someone who works out, isn't too skinny but neither too large and is relatively tall. But i've fallen for people who are the exact opposite! Most of the time if you have a good personality often you become more attractive to someone, and vice versa. But to be honest i'm sure everyone out there who is married would say that they are married to the most beautiful/handsome person out there, because it what you see in them that makes them good looking.

3 people that I think are pretty hot:
- Alex Watson
- Aaron Johnson
- Aml Ameen

So good luck! All who are on your quest to find the perfect man- he is out there! so never settle for less.


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