Big Fat Slice Of Happy

It's the end of the week, but you probably know that already. In fact you probably know it overly well because you've been repeating the words over and over in your head, to try and get you past the hours of working day and into the luxurious evening. Lazy summer evenings... Aren't they the BEST?! Sitting outside, sipping your favorite beverage and soaking up those last few rays of sunlight until the beautiful star pops off to pay the other side of our circle a visit. For now there is no work- just play, and between you and me, if all goes to plan, this weekend should be one to remember. So now, for whatever tasks you need to complete, whatever visits you need to pay, whatever money you need to spend, whatever exercise you need to achieve, whatever love you need to admit, go about it with gusto! 'Cos I tell you what chaps, the fiery ball is shining, and there is enough beer and love to go round. Grab all the chances you can with all your fingers and thumbs, and take a juicy bite out of them- you only get the chance once, don't live to regret. However undeniably for many of you, you return to the work place on monday. where the week begins again. The clock hands move slower. You count down the 432,000 seconds until. you. are. free. again. But enough of that, the weekend is here so enjoy it while it lasts. I, am off on Work Experience. Wish me luck! And i wish you luck on getting through the weekend, without too much Drama, Tears, Awkwardness, and Hangovers, Have Fun! As a parting gift, i shall give you a big fat slice of Happy and send you on your very jolly way. Remember to lick the plate clean!
Slice Of Happy!


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