Aren't You A Beauty?

was today?... Come on children don't be shy!...yes-you in the corner with the unmistakably yellow hair?... That's right! This week is 'Work Experiance'!

What can be gained from working in a charity shop? Alot, apparently. It has made me realise that to volunteer to work there really is amazing. The personal gain you get from working there is the feeling that you might be making someone life that little bit better, knowing that you could have either benifited them through the money made by the charity or the actual shop. Aside from the the good feeling, they get absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Neither is the job easy, most of the volunteers at cancer research uk have been affected in some way by Cancer, and boy is it hard work. I must of burnt off atleast have my weight In body fat having gone up those ridiculous four flights of stairs about 20 times. They deal with every type of person in there- and nearly every day something of value gets stolen. I never took into account of time and effort is takes to go through peoples shit to find something worth putting on the shop floor, as so many people seem to think that charity shop = rubbish collector. Why, I ask you WHY? Would they want your odd unwashed socks? Or all your broken appliances? Why?! Yet occasionally you do find some amazing items in and amongst soneones 'rubbish', such as a diamond engagement ring, or a vintage mulberry bag. Charity shops are essentially robin hood, the workers/volunteers thier not always merry men. Charity shops I take my hat off to you, for making this dirty little circle, less of a shambles. Especially cancer research uk. Yous lot are truly amazing.


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