Why does it always rain on me?

Don't get me wrong- a little bit of rain isn't bad for old Brittania, and I'm sure all those west country farmers are loving it. But tommorow is St. Swithins day, and I should my mothers supersticious theorys become a reality, then we are...screwed. Not to mention, very very wet. So this is a plea to the person in the sky: no rain tommorow thankyou. (I say person, but I'm not ruling that there could be some other creature up their watching over us- if any, but c'mon what's the likelyhood of planet earth being in the controlling mind of a giant Tuna? well probably as likely as a man with a beard, but, let's not go into that...) there's no news of the shop to relay to you today, exept that someone came in and donated a £500 cheque! Snaps for cancer research uk!

As a post script, I would have taken off my left arm to go and see the Viktor & Rolf a/w catwalk, looked amazing! And yay clinche waists are back, and if anyones looking to get me a verrry early b-day pres the Micheal Kors high heeled hiking boots are to die for.
I also love Caleb Followhill even more after is interview in 'Q'. (he would be nice wrapped up too...)

Song of the week: Arctic Monkeys - Still Take You Home. An oldie but I can't stop listening.


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