we can dream....

Is it really that bad that I sort of fancy a pirate a.k.a Mr Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?

okay perhaps i don't fancy him.... more want to be him

You see, its perhaps the boredom of being so close to the end of term but the days going even slower than ever that are driving me INSANE... the lure of care free dreadlocks and a relaxed drunken swagger are slowly sucking me into the world of a ten year old boy imagining the excitement of swordfights and commandeering ships in my mind.
What i would give to escape 'video lessons' (the end of term classes when work is done and you watch the same 40 minutes of the same film because the teacher cant really be bothered either) and to join Mr Sparrow in a snazzy red headband and sail away, robbing doubloons from the rich and firing cannons into the enemy......

but seeing as i have no pirate friends looks like i'm stuck here until one finds me...

So Mr Pirate i'm here S.O.S!


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