I Will Survive! (not)

Well, one thing I've taken from my day is that I never, EVER want to hear Didos - 'thankyou' again. ever. I hit this wall after the 15th time of listening to it, and the rest of the songs that were one of the songs on the ever repeated power ballads album exlusive to the shop. I don't know the names of the other songs that befall that ear-plugging album, but the list of artists included , Gloria Gaynor, Tina Turner and Elvis (you can start to get the atmosphere)... Why oh why do they not change the album? Am I the only one who wants to kill Tom Jones at the sound of his voice now? Roll of thunder hear my cry! Oh well, best buckle up and keep my head down cos that album will be playing on repeat for the next three days. Infact probably for the next 10 years... Thank god I'm leaving on Friday. I wonder if I can come out with a full head of hair?


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