Closer to godliness than cleanliness...

I don't care if he's marrying a 43 year old woman, i don't care if he's already got his first child. I think i might be experiencing more than just an interest in Aaron Johnson. If you have no idea (shock horror) who I'm swooning after then here he is..

Now please you cannot try and tell me that he's not completely irresistible... the film that this snap shot is taken from is 'Nowhere Boy', an amazing film about the legend that is John Lennon, and his turbulent childhood. Aaron plays John, and surprise surprise he comes off even more attractive after watching. So watch it even if just to marvel at the lead, or simply because it is a bloody good film. I got the photo from 'http://fuckyeahukboys.tumblr.com' which made me laugh a little bit.
So i sit here watching the rain out side, with a cup of English breakfast tea and i say (nodding with pride) 'Fuck Yeah UK Boys' 


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