New Mix!

If you haven't yet heard of the ingenious beauty that is 8Tracks then here's a nice spoonful of the brilliance to get you started. A website that is branded  'handcrafted Internet radio' cannot be a bad thing... I've been signed up for about a month, and Star is another new comer.. there's your introduction now go on and take a nice juicy slice out of this bad boy. I have. And while you're at it, sign up, and get mixing. But DON'T forget who brought you into this utopia... think about it... no, not your own little brain box- ME. Yes dear old muggins has showed you this new way of life, so before you get too carried away don't forget to get out my own page 

http://8tracks.com/woolgathering and listen to my mixes, might even like a few. 

check out my new one directly here http://8tracks.com/woolgathering/old-skool-classics,

See you shortly!


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