The Peeling Persuader

Fact about me : I cannot write with music on. I pay too much attention to the lyrics and then write what i am listening to = disaster. So I have turned off my current itunes blag by 'Everything Everything' and begin.

Hello! How are you? Man it's been a while...
I aged a little bit, over the summer, just the annual event that enables me to tick off another age and congratulate myself on getting this far. I also managed to get on and off the plane to Corfu, successfully, and again on return looking considerably brown-er and perhaps slightly salmon. School has begun, a year that will mark the end of an era. A good summer. One to remember. Something which might even top it off would be to get a job. So come on good people of Bath open up your retail doors and let me crawl my way in. I need money i cannot survive on Topshop sale and re-worked castaways, i need to breathe new life into my wardrobe, so please, PLEASE, shop owners of Bath don't be put off by my peeling tan and slightly askew sunglasses and let my have a little share of your shop. If my persuading antics isn't enough for you then, i'm not one for bribing, but i am very good at making cupcakes. Just something to think about.

Song of the week: Odessa by Caribou what a bangin choon.


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