Well Hewwo Were Misder Wussel Bwand!

well i'm ill. Tonsillitis. Or something as such. I sound like a 50 a day smoker, i can not longer speak like a normal human being thanks to my disobeying nose, i haven't worn a bra in two days, and i've not washed my hair. There, i said it. Oh the joys of being ill, and returning somewhat disgustedly to our, waited upon youth. And yet there is something quite nice about nestling down into an old oversized T-Shirt, eating next to nothing because anything that slides into your previously named "Cake 'ole" now tastes similar to that of sawdust, (or how i presume it must taste) and plugging in the old ipod to my face, and sinking into the beauty of the voice that is, Mr. Russell Brand. His old pod-casts, by the way, which are next to Buddhaliness in my mind, and i admit to crippling a teeny bit inside when i remember that the pod-casts are no longer running thanks to the Sachs scandal. Anyhow 'ollllle Russ remains in our hearts and ears, as we can relive those precious moments by downloading the GORGEOUS pod-casts from a supplying website. And another bonus(?) to being ill, is the lack of that stony, green railed, prison comparison building that is only the gates of Ralph Allen, let alone the entire building, and the balding, uninspiring teachers; which pose themselves as an idol at the head of the class, and yet make me want to sever my head from my very neck... But there are those few Beautiful Brutes who continue to make my schooling years less of a burden, ladening me with knowledge which i want to soak up like a sea sponge. As you might be able to conclude, i have spent to much time around my looony family, and less time around those beings that i call 'normal', although they a probably far from it; so you will be happy to know that i am returning to them on Thursday. I've tittered on for long enough now, to time for you to return to your own lives on this dirty little circle we call our planet.

(Wait I, are you turning in to Mr. Brand?) Whoopsy...


P.S if you are addict- *ahem*, a fan of russy, i found this pretty funny. http://www.russellbrand.tv/2009/07/nobu/

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