"Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye"

ahh, the wise words of vera lynn...
well, it seems it is time to say those words for me .... go on... say them... i can't hear you.....

Okay, okay so the more defiant of you will probably require an explanation for my need of luck in the form of song so the answer: Duke of Edinburgh.

Wait wait wait... before he reads this, not you Prince Philip, but sadly the one that requires 20 whole miles of walking! Not only that but at almost 30 degrees! That is the average temperature in GREECE! (which conveniently is the birth place of Mr Prince by the way) Also to add to this, a luxurious stay in a tiny 3 man tent with four restless girls - again at stifling temperatures awaits me. Along with having to lug a huge rucksack ( more commonly known as a bag the size of an elephant) up and down hills miles away from any civilization. and only a tin of beans and a pair of waterproof trousers for comfort.

Understand why i need the luck now?

Sounds fun right.....


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