I Raged, I Hunted, I Hoped

Hello World,

GLASTO this weekend! - A Chance to kick-back, relax, with a glass of West Country cider, and a generous helping of some delicious CHOOOONS. I'm so exited!! No... wait... hang on a second... Oh. No, that's it. Yeah I'm not going. Why am I not going? You know i don't know. Wait... wrong again, i do know... oh yeah that's it- firstly; i cannot afford it. Secondly, i am too 'young'. Thirdly i have no method of transportation. Fourthly i am at drama (don't act so shocked). Fifthly i cannot afford it. Hang on did i already mention that? MAAAAN i need a job. Yeah Yeah, i know I've got to stop whinging and get off my progressively fattening arse and get one, but the truth is, no one will accept me, and believe me i have tried. All the University students are flooding back over the hills, with their gold encrusted C.V's which, quite possibly, even have a reference from Barack Obama- are scooping up all of the work! leaving me, a small 'child' poking my head through my cot's railings trying to get a look in. And Failing. Badly. BUT all hope is not lost! Soon (well i say soon but in about two months) i shall be aging up! The outcome of which should suddenly result in me getting loaaaads of job offers- so many in fact that i even have to turn a couple down! OK.. maybe not exactly like that.. but one can dream right?

song of the week - It's a golden oldie but yet still so good and oh so summery, it is... (drum roll please) Kings Of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You.


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