Golden Delicious

Half term. I'm sat here, in my bed, its half eleven British time, and I'm eating an overly unripe orange. I'm not wrong when i say life is good. True, we only have a week, and half of that week is going to be spent revising, and working, but C'est la vie. I've only just returned from watching 'Sex and the City 2' and it is brilliant. Sure, it's full of obvious jokes, sexual innuendos, and fashion disasters- but isn't that what we love? We being Women. I'm not speaking for every woman on the planet here, nor every man, but there's something in these sexy romantic comedies which really hit the spot. I love them, and I'm into most genres of cinema. I love just sitting down with my girl friends, and watching something which isn't there to change your opinion on something, or to make you ask deep philosophical questions, just something which makes you feel good. There's something so heartwarming about that. Above all of that, it rings home to me how much i want to live in New York. To live that life, with the only trouble of your day, being whether to wear Chanel or YSL to work. To live in the penthouse apartment, with the man of your dreams, and a chocolate Labrador puppy. -Sigh- I'm not naive enough to know that it's going to be that simple, but i know that New York is where I'm going to live, whether i have to climb my way up the socialite ladder or not. 'American Dream' i suppose. But as soon as i step through the airport checkout in the big US of A, I'll know that I'm home. Besides, I've always loved apples.


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