i don't.

Another wedding invite.....

Oh god.

Not sure i can stand another day full of small talk, explaining my GCSE subjects to the same bored old people, or complimenting the frothy hats that seem to get bigger and more over the top by each wedding.

Call me a pessimist but by now each ceremony gets longer and longer and i'm sure i could recite the vows off by heart, and on those summer days spent staring out of some packed marquee wishing you were with people you actually want to be polite to. Its insane the expense some people go to just to tell some guy or girl they love them  why let society force you into forking out thousand of pounds for a 'circus' when those three words, eight letters mean just as much.

So heres a toast to the happy couple and the congregation asleep in their pews waiting for this act to end, and the next to begin....


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