My dog ate the part of my brain with all the history in it so sorry but I can't do the exam.

Well, this afternoon has probably been my most unproductive afternoon in a while- which is worrying seeing as i have a history mock exam tomorrow which i should be revising for, but instead am just procrastinating, using websites such as YouTube and Urban Dictionary to fuel my procrastination. I even looked up the word in the Urban Dictionary and it explained to me that it is what teenagers do when they don't want to do their homework. Another helpful persons definition example told me,

Procrastination - what you're doing right now. get the fuck off and finish your work. "why are you even reading this? you're wasting time. go do some work. now. no more procrastinating."

ouch, the truth hurts... the usually more civilised wikipedia explained to me that "procrastinating might be a sign of an underlying psychological disorder" ?! Ahem...

after all this undeniably pointless investigation, i should probably get back to the ins and the outs of the cold war.... or i could just continue procrastinating...

i wonder whats on TV?


as an afterthought my mother entered my room shortly after writing the above to enquire whether or not that i was knuckling down to history, i replied that i was procrastinating, and after little deliberation she answered, No, your just lazy.

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