Time For A Little Mexico

The week has ended, but it took its time! Everyday i've woken up thinking that it is friday. Tonight should be good, going to be so tired tomorrow though- it's my cousins wedding... I can't wait to have all the girls together, just have a night in, which we haven't done in ages! Gonna relax and have some fun, with hopefully no crying! The effects alchy can have on some people will contine to amaze me. Had a Biology test today with the gorgeous Hoggy Boy, who makes science so much more interesting, but apart from that today was, well, shit. Jelly has stepped up another level of hatred because of my jip about him being a clone of Pea, which lets face it, is the truth. Him calling me a sket, and nearly breaking my calves was worth is to see him struggle to find anything back to say to him because he knows it's true! However i am worried about Lemon becoming in my mind more than I want him to be, but it'll be ok because this time i'll follow my head rather than my heart so I shall not end up in the same situation as before!

Song Of The Week - Anya Marina, Whatever You Like (Cover)

Ladies tonight will be a night to remember...


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