Goodbye Cowboy

Oh the Deadwood stage is a-rollin' off over the plains...

Tonights the last night of 'Calamity Jane', it's been such a good run and i'm going to miss everyone so much. The next play begins on the 19th though, but that's only a short one. However tonight will be a night to remember! Across the other side of town from second bridge, which untill late tonight the 'party hard' S will be attending, another party will be unfolding at 10.30 this very evening. At a certain someones house in Larkhall, no holds barred, everyone will be drinking themselves silly on Sasperily or in our case vodka and orange... So thats something to look forward to, it has been the talk of the town who will pair up, but one things for sure there will be alot going down tonight! Then Looking to a week ahead, we might have a history mock, but that wont discourage sprits as on the 22nd we head off to belgium! A trip for the RASers which surely will not be forgotten. Before that need i even mention, 2 parties coming up that will add a certain sparkle to our weekend! So then we've both got alot of eventfull days and nights coming up, but as for this evening, i think its simply a question of who will fall over first?


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