If only you could get an A* in eating....

And so as exams slowly creep upon us unfortunate GCSE students, thousands of people are attempting revision and stressing themselves and no doubt their whole household to breaking point..... not mine however.

You see, i tend to stress-bake.
Perhaps a strange concept but it is definitely my favourite procrastination technique by far and with the filling of my house with cakes and biscuits it seems my family are praising the revision season as when i explain "i'm about to do a past paper" they know a mound of chocolate brownies are on their way!
My latest culinary discovery being the italian side of baking means have attempted to master the art of bread and pasta. So far english muffins, fresh linguini and homemade tortellini are ticked off the list but i'm sure by september i will be a pro!

So while readers you may have your heads buried in revision guides, mine shall be in cookbooks and with the combination of 16 exams and a school prom on its way, i'm not sure i will be able to zip up my dress....


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