Egg Yellow Nails, New Shoes and Morning Blues

numerous water bombs, flour fights and locusts later the last day of year 11 has come and gone, and we are thrust into exam season. A day so incredibly sad considering i have been waiting for it forever, and i'm going to be returning for sixth-form, But still with out my beloved star, who is travelling slightly further down the road to Prior Park. Well here are a few snaps of my saturday spent 'revising'...

Nail varnish inspired by my lunch and spring and all that. (barryM)

New shoesies, for prom!

and a saturday morning self portrait. Revision = grumpy face.
I have created a new mix (link in the side bar)

So I probably should get back to the books seeing as star&I along with thousands of other 15/16 year olds across the country have our English Language Paper 1 exam on Monday. Wish us luck!

something we haven't done in a while - song of the week!
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - 40 Days


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