A Tale of two feet.....

One shoe post after another i know, but really aren't these just beauts!!

so now you've had a nice look, i will tell you their story...

Once upon a time kurt geiger (wherever he was) designed some shoes fit for the gods and gave them suede-y sides and buckle-y straps and dropped them down to earth with little sale tags on them. So there they lay, until a lonely blonde stumbled across them.... Now usually this lonely blonde would have to pass them by and just keep wishing as she had no money..... HOWEVER she now has the best job ever (working at a little cafe) and had JUST got paid so, she whipped out that wallet of hers and bought them.
The lonely blonde is now no longer lonely and despite being a cliche with new shoes as her boyfriend adds she is happy as though they are gorgeous they are miracles in being perhaps the comfiest shoes in the universe!!




  1. These shoes are absolutely adorable. great eye for fashion btw.

  2. These are SUPER cute!

  3. Thank you! and thank you for finding us, thought we were lost out in cyber space there xxxxxxx