Driving Test

Along the road that is life, you will come across some speed bumps which, if you didn't spot before leaping over, might be mistaken for mowing down an elderly victim. So with you heart racing, you nervously peer into the rear mirror to meet your fate until you realise in fact, that it was just a speed bump. Although it might take you longer in life to work out. 

Some pretty hard hitting incidents occurred last week, some more welcome than others, but as is the way with things you don't like, you just have to lump it, and keep driving. Despite not feeling in the best of places at the moment i can't let myself disregard the things i do have, just to lust over the things i don't.

In any case, i still seem to be helping my self to chocolate cake even though it probably wont benefit me in the long run, just because it makes me feel good. i turn to you my fellow jury, why shouldn't i have a little bit of excitement? As long as no body gets hurt. 

Lets hope that was a speed bump. 


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