The Last Friday of April 2010

Hello residents of the world! On this cheerily grey day I thought i would say HELLO! to you all, partly because i want to and partly because i have nothing better to do with my time. Yes i should have been at school today, but what is school, if not a brick prison where they cram your brain with un-useful and potentially brain washing info from a lot of sex starved middle aged men and women?! eh? eh?! yeah yeah school is important but i've been every other day this week, so when it came to the option of slogging through school in the rain with a load of hormonal teenagers, or sitting in my own sanctuary place, watching Zach Braff and eating apples, i chose the   latter. Apples by the way have become my new addiction, they are just so crunchay... I've been watching a film called 'The Last Kiss' Starring Zach Braff hence my previous mention, but it's so good! It was released in 2006 and follows the life of one man and his choices. No pre-conceptions here thankyou! Check it out! A romance that will break your heart. Another film reccy, 'Dear John' recently released, and absolutley brill, watch it if only to goggle at Channing Tatum. MAN! That guys body is carved out of marble. But be warned it will probably make you cry, unless you have a heart of stone, so take tissues, (it's not out on DVD yet) ... So we are in for a long weekend it should seem, and tuesday we head down to the beach with geoggers. Hope you all enjoy your bank hol, where ever you are in England, - Do you get them abroad? I'm not sure.. Ohh click on this link it's a song... bit depressing, but so good!

Paperweight - Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk


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