a whole lot of newness

So finally the time had come to really give up on summer and head back into school, time for lessons, chewed pen lids and compulsory hockey in the rain..... But for me it was time for a full on change, moving off to a whole other school, okay okay it is only just down the road but blimey still insanely scary!
Getting used to it now, been 3 days and slowly feeling like I fit in, still getting lost and forgetting peoples names but on the plus side I seem to have attracted a fellow new student - he's german and slightly obsessed so thank god its the weekend!
But seriously the whole move has been made so much easier with having everyone else being so darned lovely from both my old and new school! So anyone who reads this and is worthy of my thanks, I shall be treating you to a Krispy kreme (or half) from the new bath store!

Oh and I'm officially now a twit so feel free to follow @abisargeant


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