Star invaded, I

well today was a rather exellent day. I discovered that star can fit her whole body into her hareem pants. We also realised that fish are not to be relied upon. Especially sword fish, jelly fish & and fish with funny shaped heads. Did you know that octopuses testicles are located in their head? This also applies to the said fish above. You think you know them, and you put your life into being nice and happy and gorrrgeeeous when you see them, but little do you know they are probably only thinking about your tits. Sometimes they are the worlds loveliest people. Often ones with funny shaped heads have the smiles of jesus. Sometimes Jellyfishes can be so lovely they make you cry inside. Regularly swordfish have amazing seductive powers and gifts down below. But you shall NOT be drawn in by any of these qualities! REMEMBER. Wierd heads can only mean one thing- commitment issues/crazy ideas/general fuckery. Jellyfishes will always sting you afterwards. Swordfish only want one thing. As an onlooker you must be thinking- 'These girls are stupid why do they not stay away from the nasty sea creatures?!'. Well i will tell you why. They can look at you in the eyes for ages and you feel connected. They trust you. You trust them. They give you affection. They smile. They make you smile. They can make you want to spend every minute with them. But they will always make you cry. And you can only hope that they've cried over you. S&I XXX

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